Beau Chêne Country Club

A Short History

Successful New Orleans-area developers Morgan Earnest and Lester Kabacoff had a dream, Beau Chêne, a recreationally-oriented environment in which primary home development could be harmonious with open space and nature. A gorgeous piece of land in St. Tammany Parish, due north of New Orleans across Lake Pontchartrain, was purchased in 1972, and the dream began to become a reality.

Today 1,500 single family homes and villas all exist in a manner which extends sight lines to golf courses, green belts, lake or river views. The Country Club is the beating heart of the community with 36 holes of golf designed by famed Course Architect Joe Lee, a tennis complex with 10 outdoor (2 rubico) and 2 air conditioned indoor courts, a well-equipped fitness facility and a large pool complex featuring a family pool, adult pool and baby pool.

2015 is the 40th Anniversary of Beau Chêne Country Club, a club that the original developers would be proud of. Morgan Earnest's family continues to own and operate the Club and build upon his legacy.